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Saskatchewan Education Transfers

SDS Web Site - Run this in another window or tab to copy provincial numbers, names, run reports, etc. on the SDS side.
  This function will search through students with missing provincial student numbers and try to enrol them with Sask Ed (and get a provincial number). This is the first step in resolving SDS issues. If this fails, use the SDS website to get the provincial number and enter this information into his/her student record.
  This function will compare the students enrolled with Sask Ed to local enrollments and withdraw / enrol them to make both the same. It will use info from transfer records (enrol/withdraw).
This function will check the local data for common errors. Do this before using the button below.
  This function will update Sask Ed from the local student data. It should be run every week.
  Click this if you have an Active Student Enrollment (SDS Site) that has less than your full student enrollment.
  get Students' School Enrollment History from Sask Ed SDS
High School
  This button will update Sask Ed with any class enrollments stored locally. It will query Sask Ed, compare the results to local records and then send updates to synchronize with local student data.
  This button will query Sask Ed for course enrollment information and compare it with local course enrollment information.
  This button will update Sask Ed with marks for students previously registered in those courses.
  This button will check the Sask Ed completed courses mark for students against their local open admin marks.